Join the movement and receive $5,000.00 a month, every month for the rest of your life.

Sounds impossible? It is impossible in the System that we support, but not in…


Two Million Dollars will get One Million People out of Poverty.

Poverty is a condition that affects over 50 Million People, who’s income is less than $50,000.00 a year.


A condition that has been created by a System that over 300 Million People support, including the 50 Million People that are living in Poverty.


A System that is based on Competition for…Money.


Which means that, Poverty is a Mathematical Problem that needs a System that is based on Unity, not Competition.


A System with a Mathematical Solution, that will provide an income of $50,000.00 a year for life, for everyone that supports the System.


And…The only way to provide over 50 Million People with an income of $50,000.00 a year, is to have a system in place that Poor People can participate in, that will increase their income up to $50,000.00 a year.

In order to Eliminate Poverty…Every man, woman and child must have a monthly income of $4,167.00, which is $50,000.04 a year. There is no other way, and until that happens, Poverty will continue to grow in America, because, the value of the dollar is decreasing, while the cost of living is increasing.

Poor People didn’t create Poverty or Homelessness, Poverty and homelessness was created by the System that Poor People support. Because, the System that Poor People support is based on competition, which creates rivalry, selfishness, jealousy and greed, which leads to anger, hatred, madness and insanity, which leads to violence and even murder.  

I would rather live in a world with people who have more money than they need, than to live in a world with people that need more money than they have. That is why…


I want to Eliminate Poverty, Reduce Crime and Decrease Violence in America.


By establishing, maintaining and operating, The New System, which will deposit $5,000.00 into every man, woman and child’s bank account, every month, for the rest of their lives, one million people at a time, at a cost to each of them of $2.00 each year.


Sounds impossible, but it’s not, when…Poor People Unite.


There are well over 50 million families in America, living in Poverty, because they have little or no income. Which…Causes good people to do bad things in order to survive and provide for their family.


Eliminating Poverty would naturally Reduce Crime, especially in Poverty stricken communities, throughout America. Because the Crime Rate is much higher, and much different in the poorer sections of the city, than in the sections of the city with people who have higher incomes.


And…By Reducing Crime, Violence would also Decrease in the ghettos, as well as in the suburbs of the cities, because Violence often occurs during the commission of a Crime, Such as, robberies, burglaries, drug deals gone bad, etc.


By providing a $5,000.00 a month income to everyone that support The New System, Homelessness would cease to exist, parents will be able to spend more time with their children, creating a stronger family bond, a stronger family unit, and a stronger, safer and better America.

Your Power is in Your Words and Your Financial Freedom is in Your Actions.

      Would you pay $2.00 to get a job making $5,000.00 a month, every month, for the rest of your life? Selling The New System to everyone that would pay $2.00 to get a job making $5,000.00 a month, for the rest of their life? 

If your answer is yes, send an email to in the subject box type…IM IN.

You can Change Your Situation by Changing Your Conversation.

Poor People Unite and Stop being the Victims of the System that you Support.

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